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Get the most out of your business with Next Step Business

Here at Next Step Business we specialise in unlocking the true value buried inside businesses all over Australia. As a specialist business valuation firm, we are experts at finding the ‘value gap’ in your company and helping you to close it. This ‘gap’ is the value of your business today, and the value it needs to be when you decide to sell your business. This is often an important component in business succession planning and retirement planning for many company owners, it is also a great for finding ways to improve the overall value of you company.

To achieve an accurate valuation at Next Step we use a patented and proven process called Value Improvement Benchmarking Advice (VIBA). This process uses small business benchmarks and an extensive data base we call ‘knowledge bank valuation’ reporting to allow you to ‘compare my business’ to similar companies operating in your industry. This has helped many professionals identify problems and room for improvement in your profession.

Based on the data gained though our extensive VIBA reporting, our expert business plan consultants at Next Step will then be able to offer you strategies to improve the value of your company. After strategy planning we will then set goals to direct and assess your strategy implementation. We will then take steps to protect this value improvement, ensuring your company retains its value improvement before sale.

With expert strategies and reporting, and a team of experienced professionals, we’ve helped Australian companies report and learn about their full potential. Discover the many ways that we can help your business expand and grow today.


If you have any questions about what Next Step can offer your company, please contact us on (03) 9663 3031.