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Next Step Business uses a patented and proven process under license from the BStar organisation. The following is a list of acknowledgements:

  • Patented in Australia, NewZealand, Canada and USA (Patent Numbers: 2007203047, 566680, 2626400 and 797332)
  • Endorsed by the Australian Technology Showcase
  • Accepted by BankWest for customer business valuations
  • Accepted by Suncorp for customer business valuations
  • Promoted within RBS Morgans as the preferred valuation model for their branch network
  • Accepted in Supreme Court, Queensland (case 322/06) and Supreme Court, New South Wales (case 20101/947)
  • Promoted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Society of Certified Practicing Accountants in Australia for memebers to earn professional development points from completing valuation services training
  • Presented by request to members of the Law Institute of Victoria
  • Supporting materials comply with the international and Australia ethical valuation services standard APES 225 and the Institute of Chartered Accountants and New Zealand AES 2
  • Used extensively by industry groups and financial institutions to value their customers for business growth and succession planning